Friday, June 28, 2013

How To Make Money With Your Blackberry Phone

Am sure you Know what is a blackberry phone,huh???lolzzz....If you dont know then look closely at the pics above...owning Blackberry phone is no more a big deal this time..It is now as cheap as other mobile phones..

So i will be teaching you how you can make money with your blackberry phone....Unsurprisingly, a vast majority of Blackberry users use the messenger application for fun. If you are reading this, you will learn how to convert your fun-chat to a money making platform.

Now, I wont lie to you that you will make millions, even if I had the guts, I would be too lazy to type it on my blog blog. But you can make a considerable amount of money depending on some factors. 
  For example in some states like Lagos where outdoor banner advertisement isn't as accessible and many resorting to SMS marketing, you can use your BBM contacts as an online advertising tool.

           Now That Brings us to 5 Easy Steps To Make Money With Your Blackberry

1. Ensure your device is connected - That one isnt a problem..Simply subscribe to bb  monthly plan depending on the network you are using as the caise may be..You can now subscribe as low as #1,000 per month

2. Contacts -  This is the most important; to begin the process, I would suggest that you walk your contact list up to a minimum of 2000...You can go to forums and websites to pick bb pins..Some forums have thread for People to drop there bb pin...So you can easily go there and collect bb pins of active users.

3. Broadcast your advertisement network to all your contacts.
Hint: You can send an advertising broadcast message like this: "Advertise your business, events and programs to over 2000 people in Nigeria".
   You will definitely get a reply and you could charge from as low as N500 per broadcast.

4. Change your Display Name to an easy name, dump all those clumsy smileys that you might have used in styling your DN.
5. Be sincere and honest. Do not say you have 5000 contacts when you have only 30 contacts. No sane client will dish out money without asking for methods to verify your contact list. You could be asked to Screen-Grab your contacts. When you lost your character, you lost everything.

NB: Outside getting advertisers from your contacts, they are a lot of social networks you can visit to drop your proposal. You can now turn your "fun-chat" BBM to "money-inspired" BBM.

  Hope This Helps All My Blog Readers whom are using BB

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria Fast And Easy

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Learn How To Trade Forex

Make Money Forex Trading – Learn How To Trade Forex

Whether you’re new to trading or you are what’s considered a “seasoned” trader, there is a lot of money to be made trading Forex markets. Although instantly trading with real money is not for beginners or people that have never traded before, you can quickly learn the ropes with a little help and commitment.

What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading is the buying and selling of currencies. In much the same way that you’d buy and sell stocks on the stock market, traders exchange currencies they’ve purchased. If you’ve ever traded on the stock market, you should have no problem getting the hang of trading Forex.

How To Make Money On Click Bank

How To Make Money On Click Bank

ClickBank is just about the biggest website on the internet today as far as affiliates are concerned. If you want to make money online but you don’t have a product of your own to promote, what better solution could there be than to promote someone else’s in exchange for a slice of the profits?

ClickBank is a no brainer if you want to get started on no cash at all, and you have your choice of products to promote as well. It’s also a great chance to experiment a little and get to know what niches are profitable and which ones have the best products that you make the most sales on.

How To Flip Domain Name

How To Flip Domain Name

 I have written on how to Flip domain names and where to sell them,so i decided to throw more idea on that.

Domain name flipping is the simple process of buying a domain name and then selling it for more money – so what exactly is website flipping all about?

If you’d prefer something a little more challenging (and potentially a lot more profitable) then website flipping might just be for you. It’s a longer process but the time you invest in this particular activity can net you a lot of cash. And there is more than one way of doing it as well, as you’re about to find out.

There is an ever growing band of people who have figured out that flipping websites is a great way to build up skills, knowledge and an impressive income at the same time.

Friday, May 31, 2013

How to make money on facebook

If you always wanted to earn online income but didn’t know where to start, why not jump on the most popular social network site and take advantage of their ad serving platform?

Believe it or not, tens of thousand of people are using Facebook every day to chat with their friends and have fun… while others are making money at the same time.

Would you like to know how to cash-it on this social phenomenon?

Would #1000… #2000… or $5000 in additional income make you happier? What would you do with the “new found” money?

How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money Blogging

Making money through blogging is no more a big deal..Am sure you must have known how to create a blog..huh???If you dont know click here to view how to create a blog

After creating a blog you need to advertise your blog in other to gain traffic and get readers as you are reading mine..One great way to do this is to submit it to as many of the social bookmarking sites as possible. You can also join social networking sites and build a profile which contains a link to your blog. Other no cost ways to generate traffic include writing free articles for article directories with a link to your blog at the end, and creating signatures at the end of any posts you make to internet forums, and also in all the emails you send out. When you really start thinking about it, you don’t actually need to spend anything to generate plenty of traffic.

How To Make Money On E-Bay

How To Make Money On E-bay

There is a lot of money to be made as a seller on eBay. Thousands and thousands of sales are made each day, resulting in a lot of income for a lot of sellers. And there is still room for you if you want to get involved whether you want to earn some part time cash or set up a whole new full time business on the side.

But where do you get your stock from? How do you get started? And how can you build a business that gives you PowerSeller status? Relax – you’re about to find out.

It’s easy work to get started earning money on eBay. Once you have signed up for your free account the best way to get a feel for what selling is like is to auction off some of your personal items that you no longer want.lolzzzzz..Am damn serious.. If you are going to start buying stock to resell, you’ll do better by getting some basic selling experience first.

How to Make Money Building Websites

       How to Make Money Building  Websites

Making money online with a website not only requires very little initial investment, but depending on what you want to focus on, it can be an extremely profitable venture as well. From information marketing to affiliate marketing to blogging to actually selling your own products or even just running advertising on your site, even beginners with little to no experience can make money with a website if they just follow a few simple guidelines.

Building a website is also a lot easier than most people think. Gone are the days when you needed to understand html code, or be a design guru. There are now simple push button scripts available that let you get up and running with a professional looking website or blog in just minutes. There are also hundreds of great tutorials available online that will show you step by step how to make a website.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

How To Make Money Selling E-books In Nigeria

How To Make Money Selling E-books In Nigeria

Write once sell many time

One of the great things about selling ebooks is that you only need to write it once and yet are able to sell it many times - ebooks are an unlimited amount of inventory.

An ebook is simply an electronic book or a book in computer form as a file that is readable and can be printed. It is a book but the only difference between it and a real physical book is that it is not in a physical form. It's intangible.

You can make money by creating and selling ebooks in Nigeria if you know how to do it. You only need to know what to write about, write about it and then market your ebook to the Nigerians in cyberspace.

Where can one sell ebooks?

How to Choose Profitable Niche

How to Choose Profitable Niche

Every newbie faces this big question that "What profitable niche topic to choose for his/her blog or website"?
Some people do it just for fun or hobby and some purely to make money from it. If you fall in the latter category, it is imperative to give some serious thought about choosing your niche market. Because you’re online success in terms of money depends heavily on how wisely you select your niche. Following are the guidelines, which will help you in your quest to select an appropriate profitable niches or ideas:

Follow Your Passion

How To Set Up A WordPress Blog

How to Blog in Five Easy Steps:

Part 1: Registration

• Go to
• Click on “Sign Up” in the center of the upper (black) menu bar • NEXT PAGE: Type in your blog address choice(s) – WordPress will provide immediate feedback ie.whether your choice(s) are available.

Next, choose a username and a password, type in the email address associated with the account, and choose a language (English is the default). Click “Create blog”

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

List Of Affiliate Programs That pay Nigerians

The reason why Nigeria is not allowed to participate in the international paying platform is simple, eighty percent of internet users in Nigeria, use it abusively, the number one purpose if for fraud, both local and international fraud, so if you’re reading this and you’re a Nigerian don’t be mad that we are excluded from trusted countries online, The bad boys caused it. but the good news is people are stopping the bad habit, and we will soon get over it very soon. 

If You Missed My Post On How To Make Money online In Nigeria through affiliate marketing simply click here

When it comes to online blogging/affiliate marketing, i come to realize that Nigerians are part of the leading 

How To Make Money Online in Nigeria with Affiliate Marketing

Participating in Online Affiliate Marketing Programs can be an extremely lucrative way to earn income as an Entrepreneur. Some online entrepreneurs earn as much as six digit incomes with little or no effort using affiliate marketing programs. Since it is an online business, it means that Nigerian Entrepreneur can actually participate.

However, like any other business idea, you need to understand the workings of the business before expecting profit. Too many online entrepreneur have spent money and time struggling to earn income from affiliate marketing programs without success.
 So Lets Begin..

What is affiliate marketing?

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Easily

1. Write Well and Write Often

Frequently updating your blog with useful content is the first step to building your blog's audience. The content you write is what will keep readers coming back for more. Make sure you have something meaningful to say to them and say it often to maintain their interest and keep them loyal.

Furthermore, post frequently to increase the number of chances you have for your blog's content to be noticed by search engines such as Google or Technorati.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Best And Safest Online Investment

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria Fast And Easy !!!!!
        Best Online Investment I Ever Witnessed...Invest on


Uinvest is a company based in Ukraine that aims to attract investors all over the world to invest in successful businesses and make money.
  The Investors make money monthly while the businesses use the investors’ money to run their businesses. When the Investors make profits, Uinvest also make by taking only 10% of the Investor’s total profit(that’s how Uinvest makes its own money).
You can use Uinvest to make money through investments intead of gambling your money in trading Stocks, bonds, forex, commodities e.t.c that make you lose money unnecessarily especially if you are a beginner.

How To Open liberty reserve account free

How To Create liberty reserve account free...........Lets Roll

Step 1: To open a liberty reserve account, go to
Step 2: Click on Create account at the top-most part of the site

How To Make Money Writing Article

1. Helium : Helium has many, many ways to get paid to write. You can earn monthly, earn by article, and even win contests and badges. Helium is well worth checking out. You won't be disappointed! Write articles for pay in the Marketplace, or publish previously written articles to appropriate titles. Helium has a ratings system in place, and you can earn writing stars based on your overall writing percentage. Badges given for accomplishments and pay are through Paypal account. Start making money from Helium by visiting to sign up.

How To Flip A Domain Name And Make Huge Profit From It

How To Flip A Domain Name And Make Huge Profit From It..........So The Question Is
How Do You Flip a Domain Name?
There are two practical ways to flip domain names for profit:
  1. Buy a domain name and sell it without developing the website, which I'll tell you more about in just a moment.
  2. Buy a domain name and build the website, place ads on it, practice good SEO by adding keyword-rich articles, videos and other useful content, get it ranked on search engines like Google or Bing, and then sell it.
The first step to flipping a domain name like this for profit is to pick a niche that you are comfortable with. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

How To Promote And Manage Your Forum


 How To Manage Your Forum Is the next thing to come into your mind after creating your forum.if you missed my post on how to create a forum simply click here 
   After setting up your forum, the next thing is to set up the different categories and boards you want to have on the forum. 
 For example, if your forum is about “Social talks like Nairaland” you can have categories like

How To Create A Forum Like

How To set up an  online forum have been a problem to some Newbie so i decided to explain the procedures on how to start an online forum like

- What Is A Forum?
 An online forum is a website that basically brings people with similar interest together online in other to converse and connect with each other. People have to usually register before they can join in the conversation.
 Conversations are usually called threads. A topic of discussion or question can be asked by anyone who is a member of the forum. Replies are made.

 - How To Choose A Topic For Your Forum